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Born out of our love for the independent artist, empowering youth & good music, The Entertainment Institute has become the Premier Exclusive Promotion Company for Independent Artist ran by the Artist. After traveling the world and experiencing different musical cultures, programs, showcases, & events we decided to make our way back and bring hip hop music promotion to our home town of Chicago.

Featuring local talent as well as well-known artists, we offer live music for our Artist Showcases with Celebrity Dj’s Radio Personalities, Artist, & Educated judges to award an array of gifts, trophies, & prizes provided by The Entertainment Institute #TeamEnt as well as our Sponsors. Birthed 7 years ago from Inta Tain’s pure vision on June 3rd 2017 The Entertainment Institute Office, Studio, & Showcase Gallery opens it’s doors officially!! And The rest will be history!! SorryMom

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$199 / month
  • Artist Development
  • Professional Flyer
  • Exposure
  • Social Media Branding
  • 24 Hour Help Line
  • Monthly Massaage
  • Professional Photo Shoot
  • Paid Monthly Performance
  • Team Ent Website Placement
  • Whadamm Radio Interview
  • Discounted Membership Rates
  • PR (Public Relations) Management Placement
  • Discounted Production
  • Discounted Album Covers
  • Pricing table list item
  • Discounted Studio Time
  • Discounted Mixing & Mastering Services
  • Discounted CD Duplication


$299 / month
  • Everything in Gold PLUS
  • Promotion
  • Professional Monthly Flyer
  • Bi-Weekly Massage (instead of Monthly)
  • Website
  • EPK (Electronic Press Kit)
  • PR Pre-Management Consulting
  • Contracts & Legal Paperwork
  • Mixtape Release Party
  • 1 Video Free, 50% off Others
  • Production Assistance
  • Annual Album Cover
  • Monthly 2 Hour Studio Session


$499 / month
  • Everything in Gold & Platinum PLUS
  • Weekly Massage (instead of Bi-Weekly or Monthly)
  • PR Management
  • Booking
  • Consulting
  • 1 Single Cover
  • Album Release Party
  • Annual Out of State Show
  • Quarterly Video (4 per year)
  • EP Production
  • Monthly 5 Hour Studio Session
  • 100 CDs
  • Personal Assistant

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