READ TO RAP CONCERT DATES ARE 4.28.17 at St. Malachy School  & 05.05.17 at
William H. Brown School 

Auditions are being held at Major Adams Community Center 4.18.17 the registration cost is $10 per artist must be accompanied by a parent or sibling authorized by parent. To get more information or to register your child complete the form below or text read to rap to 6787045900.     

Read To Rap Founder Diamond D.

The Entertainment Institute

Future Doctor 

Read to Rap Book Club is a youth empowered tool to promote reading & music. The objective is to reward students for their great behavior and dedication to reading and learning.

The 1st official Read to Rap Concert will be held in Chicago.

Requirements For Students:

All participants must read a book in order to attend the concert. He/she must bring that book or any book to the concert & trade/exchange it with another student. He or she must read the new book within 72 hours of the concert & take a picture/video of them reading the book & send it to us via text or email at 6787045900 or Email 

Requirements For Parents:

Check your child's book to make sure it's suitable to read & exchange it with another student. Making sure it's free from graffiti, and in good condition.  Sign the permission slip to give/exchange a book & to  use your child's photo to promote the read to rap program.  

Requirements For Artist:

Must audition & also read the 2 books 1 before and 1 after the concert. Also providing pictures/video reading the book.